poor Hyuk xD

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dat one friend

dat one friend

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who is this girl with Siwon?

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So…did Leeteuk forget how to tweet?

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can you recommend other blogs that post a lot of yesung???

these are the best yesung blogs i know (haven’t been active so there might be a lot more i don’t know about!)




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oh my god guys i had these anon questions since christmas and for some reason they didn’t show up and this is the first time i’m seeing them X_X i’m sooo sorry you guys asked questions so nicely and i didn’t even respond. D: to reply to some anons: i’m from Romania, the second anon asked me to post the gif i have as my icon..i must have changed my icon since then i’m really sorry x-x i don’t remember having a gif as my icon either.

anyways, i owe you guys some explanations, why i don’t post these days.

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dance machine yeye is shy (ノ´▽`// )ノ

it’s SJ’s way to test friendship XD
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When you’re watching a new episode of your favorite show and someone tries to get you to do something:


That is so accurate that’s it’s scary.

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so you guys aren’t going to talk to the fans? lol

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shfly3424: Today 독특 come back … ^^ #예특

yesung1106: Today 독특 come back … ^^ #예특

trans: Today unique teuk come back… ^^ #yeteuk

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Kyuhyun’s introduction

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20/∞ - Super Junior

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hi "i collect bugs". i post yesung and super junior stuffs. kinda hiatus
fourth dimensional