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Kyuhyun’s introduction

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20/∞ - Super Junior

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Yehyuk precious twitter combo  &  

@shfly3424: m.facebook.com/Yesung0084  pic.twitter.com/a5T26zgTC5

@shfly3424: With my dongsaeng 10 years ago .. ㅋ sleep well ^^

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@AllRiseSilver: Look at this guy’s eyes. Embraced/Fit perfectly pic.twitter.com/b24nFIOMSV

@AllRiseSilver: With Onew and… Um.. Behind us… Ah, this is scary pic.twitter.com/AZxVSRCttg

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@_whitneylau: Jammin with @henrylau89 ! Home sweet home ^^

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@: The brothers’ winter..^^

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ELFs all over the world, gather around for a group hug. we are here to support our leader. We are here for him.

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@: Happy New Year!! Mathias & Cristiano Ronaldo thank you ^^

@shfly3424Indonesia ELF .. And thank you I love you !!

@shfly3424: ELF that I miss and Super Junior is the best

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hi "i collect bugs". i post yesung and super junior stuffs. kinda hiatus
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